Wisconsin Ledge American Viticultural Area (AVA)

NERN has worked with Trout Springs Winery since 2008 to develop an application for a federally designated American Viticultural Area (AVA). An AVA recognizes the unique qualities of a landscape (such as the Niagara Cuesta) for its ability to grow quality grapes for use in winemaking. Such a designation would help to propel the local grape growing and wine making industry in a 2.4 million acre portion of northeastern Wisconsin.

Currently, the application has been developed and submitted to the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tax, and Tobacco for consideration. Recently, we were informed that the application has met all the standards and justifications for the creation of the Wisconsin Ledge AVA and we are waiting for the final Federal Register publication process to be completed. NERN will certainly inform everyone when the designation is officially received, so stand by!


A copy of the AVA Application can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here.