The Escarpment is used by our society in many ways, and is a much-beloved part of the landscape in Wisconsin, offering spectacular vistas, inviting scenery, and opportunities for reflection, recreation, and education. The escarpment corridor has also provided numerous resources that serve a valid purpose today, much as they have for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Uses such as agriculture, mining, and wind energy serve a value to society, however; it is easy to see that many times, the uses and/or values can conflict.

Furthermore, no comprehensive plan for the conservation and use of the corridor exists in a form that truly recognizes and balances its resources, as well as the values of our society. The Niagara Escarpment Resource Network hopes to foster the development of plans that achieve a greater acknowledgement of this feature’s global significance, while accommodating the needs of modern day society.


Ask yourself…………. What is the ‘value’ of the Niagara Escarpment’s:

  • Historic & Cultural Resources?
  • Viewsheds & Vistas?
  • Unique Habitats?
  • Endangered Resources?
  • Groundwater Resources?
  • Mineral Extraction?
  • Housing & Economic Development?
  • Tourism and Geotourism?
  • Wind Energy Potential?
  • Agriculture?
  • Viticulture (grape growing)?
  • Recreation?
  • Leisure?