Our Supporters

NERN’s efforts have been primarily accomplished through the work and dedication of dozens of interested individuals who donate time, either their own, or as part of a generous in-kind contribution from their respective agency or employer.

Only recently has NERN begun to campaign for monetary support to the general public. It is our hope that by raising funds, we will be able to build our capacity to a higher level, thereby resulting in faster and more effective change for how the Niagara Escarpment’s landscape is viewed, valued, and utilized by residents and visitors alike.

Listed below are the public and private entities that have shown there formal support for our efforts in 2011. These partners are key contributors to ensuring the success of the organization and our efforts. We want to say thank you for kind donations and support as we move down the path of awareness and change.

Please also consider joining the Network by clicking here. If you or your organization, company or agency has something to contribute in terms of skills, project development, or volunteer time, please contact us at (920) 751-4770 to discuss further!