Leadership / Steering Committee

The Network was historically created and managed by three ‘Co-Chair’ positions associated with the two Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This arrangement will continue, at least through the initial stages of our transition into the LNRP.

NERN currently operates with a eleven-person Steering Committee, to which members can be added to over time (please call if you have interest in serving!).  The Committee consists of numerous passionate and dedicated individuals who have a variety of experiences and perspectives with regarding to the management and conservation issues that face the Escarpment.   All of these representatives have been part of the Network’s efforts over the past 12 years and they look forward to being actively involved in our efforts.

NERN Steering Committee (as of 1/1/11)

  1. Co-Chair: Eric W. Fowle, East Central RPC, Menasha (also an LNRP Board of Directors Member)
  2. Co-Chair: Angela Pierce, Bay-Lake RPC, Green Bay
  3. Co-Chair: Kelley O’ Connor, WDNR, Green Bay (also an LNRP Board of Directors Member)
  4. At-Large: Bob Bultman, Restore Door, Bailey’s Harbor
  5. At-Large: Dr. Joanne Kluessendorf, Weis Earth Science Museum, Menasha
  6. At-Large: Jim Uhrinak, Green Tree (land restoration), Milwaukee
  7. At-Large: Greg Hines, Glacierland RC&D, Green Bay
  8. At-Large: Dena Mleziva, Calumet Co. Planning, Chilton
  9. At-Large: Ursula C. Petersen, Biologist, Madison
  10. At-Large: Brian Hinrichs, P.E., Foth, Madison
  11. Sherrill Anderson, Recording Secretary (LNRP Program Assistant), Chilton

The Steering Committee has met several times during late 2010 and will continue to do so in early 2011 to formalize a more specific set of procedures and responsibilities, however; in general, its role will be to ensure effective program management, development, and financial controls exist to further the mission of the Network and to serve the needs of its membership.

The Steering Committee will continue to meet bi-monthly, generally on the third Friday of January, March, May, July, September and November.    Most of these meetings will occur prior to, or after, each Ledge Tour event. To view copies of recent and upcoming Steering Committee meeting agendas, please click here

A series of ad-hoc sub-committees will be formed on a project basis and will involve numerous other partners and members who have been part of the Network for many years. If you see something that you would like to be involved with, at any level, please just let us know by calling or e-mailing us at niagara@escarpmentnetwork.org. The Steering Committee is always willing to listen to ideas and input from our membership.